Wrapped fist
Person demonstrating the jab with a punching bag


The foreplay. This is the long kiss goodnight and hello that sets you up for every other punch. It gauges distance to opponent, closes the distance, and can keep the opponent off you. Keep it quick, snappy, and passionate.

Person demonstrating the cross punch with a punching bag

The Cross

The super swipe. The power shot. This is the closer. Generating all of the power from your back foot, hips, and core; drive off of the ball of your back foot. Pretend you are squishing a bug with that back foot, and drive your hip and knee to the ground. Extend your back hand as you turn your thumb down to the floor. Bring your shoulder as high up to your chin as you can. Quickly shatter the soul of whatever you just hit, and quickly bring that hand back to your cheek to protect your face.

Person demonstrating front and back hooks with a punching bag


Where did that come from? This is a sneaky shot that loops over your opponents guard from the side. Bring your elbow high to your shoulder line, keeping it at a 90-degree angle and your hand like you are holding a coffee mug or hitchhiking. Turn your hips into the punch and squish the bug with the foot that's on the same side as your punching hand. Return to fight position.

Person demonstrating front and back uppercuts with punching bag


The Tyson. A.K.A. crush your adversaries hopes, dreams, and aspirations. A.K.A. lights out. A.K.A. red rover, red rover, the fight is over. The most fun punch to throw on our bags. These are power shots to the body or under the chin of your opponent. Always using your legs and hips to generate power, drive shift weight to the leg on the same side that you want to punch with. Extend that hand up keeping elbow bent at a 90-degree angle and hand facing back towards your body. Drive your hand through your opponent wearing their body on your fist proudly like a puppet. Return to fight position.

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